Welcome to the new Parish Council website

Published: 01 May 2020

It has been built to the latest web standards for accessibility and should be responsive to all devices and screen sizes. We hope you find it interesting, informative and easy to navigate.

One change from the old site is that the Clerk to the Parish Council now has a new email address, which is “clerk@oakingtonandwestwick-pc.gov.uk”. This can be found on the Contact Us page, and will appear on all Parish Council documentation from now on, and is the address you should use for correspondence with the Parish Council. This is also the email address that will be used in future for the Village e-mail list management and circulation, so if you are on that list please make sure you do not block emails sent from it.

Another change is that although we still try to list all the Village groups, clubs and societies, we need to reconfirm the organisers’ contact details and get renewed permission to publish these, for Data Protection Act reasons. The Clerk will contact all the known organisers in due course, but if you want to expedite getting your group listed please email the Clerk on the above address with details of your group, your name, and any contact details you want to be used and published. A very brief synopsis of the group purpose and activities may also be useful to help attract new members, if the group name itself may not be self-explanatory.

We would welcome any feedback on the new website via the ‘Contact Us’ page