Neighbourhood Watch

Your Neighbourhood Watch scheme explained

Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch is about local people working together to create safer, attractive and friendly places to live, places where crime is less likely to happen and people are less likely to turn to anti-social behaviour. Many eyes make for more information, which the Police can use to help prevent and deter crime.

Essentially we are all empowered to look out for each other. To be alert and recognise when something or somebody doesn’t seem right; and most importantly to know what to do about it and help to prevent any future crime.

If you become a member of the local Watch scheme, then depending on where you live, you can talk to your local co-ordinator, who will live quite close to you, about safety or anti-social issues that concern you. You will receive regular information about incidents you may need to be aware of in your locality, such as burglaries and thefts, rogue trading and attempts to scam you out of your money or possessions.

Whether a member of the Watch scheme or not, you can sign up to the “ecops” online Neighbourhood Alert system which will circulate to you things like police reports of local problems. To register as a member, you can sign up at, and will then have a chance to select the type of messages you would like to see; or visit the ecops website at to see more information about the scheme.

Contact your local co-ordinator or the village co-ordinator now if you would like to become a member of your local scheme. Please note that is there is no street coordinator covering your area you can still sign up to the local scheme, just contact Jillian Wilkinson at or call 01223 233585.

Please note that the Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the village is in the process of being revived as of July 2019; more information may be available in due course.