Village Email Circulation List

The Parish Council provides a facility for circulation of emails from residents in the parish to other residents who have signed up to receive these. There are rules for what types of message can be sent and with what frequency. The Clerk to the Parish Council operates the scheme and will monitor requests to ensure they comply with these rules.

If you have any questions then please contact the Clerk

Terms and Conditions:

The list is managed and operated by the Parish Council, and the privacy of individuals using the list will be fully respected.

An individual resident in the Parish may sign up to receive emails via this list, and can at any time request to be removed from the list.

The emails will not show the mail addresses of the other recipients of the message.

It is expected that there will probably be about one email a week on average, and may contain several collected items.

The messages are for summary information only and will not normally contain more than a brief description of any events described.

Further information may be available on the Parish Council website, or by contacting the originator of the item.

The list may occasionally be used for urgent information such as flood or road warnings outside the usual cycle.

You can request removal from the circulation list by sending an email to the Clerk, with reasons if possible please to help us improve the service.

1. You would like to join the village list (with your name and address).

2. You would like to send a message to the village list (with the message to be sent).

These should be sent to the Clerk to the Parish Council.